Big Race Bookie Busters Tipster Service Review


The Big Race Bookie Busters are a tipster service focused on horse racing. The whole concept of the team behind it is to place few tips per month, but they usually contain great value. Their specialty are big festivals such as the Cheltenham festival, the Grand National and other important events. As you will see further in our review, they are doing pretty well over a long period of time.

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Tipster Results

The Big Race Bookie Busters service was launched on 1st November 2014 and have been performing ever since. A quick look at their overall results showed that their overall profit is just above 444 points which equals £4,440 profit if you place as little as £10 per point or over £22,000 if you stake £50.

Their strike rate is 27.04% which results in just above 23% return
of investment. This is very impressive as not many tipsters can reach it consistently. You could expect about 30-40 bets per month which is more than enough to have a decent profit.

The Big Race Bookie Busters have been around for 23 months and the have been profitable in 17 of them and lost money in 6. Furthermore, some of the losing months were almost break even while some of the winning ones brought great profits. It’s another testimony to their consistency over a long period of time.

Subscription Fees

The Big Race Bookie Busters are very flexible when it comes to their subscriptions plan. You can pay on a monthly basis which costs £29.95 per month, the quarterly plan is £74.95 which saves you £5 per month. There is also the option to get their service for life for £269.95.

On top of that, there is a promotion and you can use their tips for 30 days for a month for only £1. This will allow you to check how things work for peanuts and make an informed decision later.


If you take all things in mind, trying the Big Race Bookie Busters is a no-brainer. The service has been producing results for almost two years now and there are no signs of slowing down. The prices are more than affordable and you could even try them for a whole month for just £1.

With a strategy based on picking a small amount of quality bets monthly, the chance of losing in the long run is almost non-existent. If you are looking for a good investment, it’s a very viable choice.

Click Here to Take Your £1 Trial at Big Race Bookie Busters

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