Euro 2016 – Best Betting Offers

Unlike some decade ago, when you had really limited access to online betting and it was still very much a new thing, now we have multiple online betting websites that constantly try to lure the bettor to them and single them out as the one for you. It is wide known fact that once you enter one bookie, you are mostly staying with them. So each and every year bookies give out some special offers for new bettors and try to impress them. Right before EURO 2016 multiple betting services emerged with stunning offers, hoping that some new customers will catch up and remain a loyal fan.

888sport is one of the most respected bookmaker out there and this time they have an unique offer for the bettor that goes to a single bet. Nobody loves the feeling when your team concedes late in the game, especially if you have a losing bet then. So 888sport offers to cover that bet for you, with a 88minute special offer. If your winning bet becomes invalid after a goal is scored in the 88 minute or further, you can get your money refunded as a free bet up to £25. Great offer, considering the fact that late goals are very common in tight games and that most matches are pretty close at the European championship.

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32red Sport also has a very interesting special offer that will surely catch the eye of every sports fan out there that would like to bet some money and win big. By placing a in-play bet you can get the right to a free £10 bet and a bonus of free spins on the slot machines. There is only few things that can beat in-play or live betting when it comes to excitment and this bet is excatly what we need. Following a game live and managing to bet during all the changes, rivalrly and opportunities is a great way to bet.

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