Labour Leadership Election Odds

When I was perusing (as I do almost everyday along with my favoured I noticed the particularly high odds on Jeremy Corbyn to win the Labour Leadership challenge.

You can get odds of 10/11 on Corbyn retaining his position.

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Angela (Let’s go to war with Iraq) Eagle is a rank outsider at 14/1. While Owen Smith (Who?) is second favourite at 11/8.

Regardless of your political views the current odds seem to give pretty good odds on the favourite in this contest.

Let’s not forget that Corbyn was overwhelmingly elected by a majority at the last labour leadership election and the attempted coup by Blairite mp’s has gone down like a lead balloon with Labour members.

Personally I would have Corbyn around 1.2 -1.4 so I think there is good value in these odds considering the current political situation.

It is true not everyone is a fan of Corbyn (or indeed the Labour party) but given that Labour membership has increased recently and the loyalty of the Corbynites I can’t see how he could lose to Owen Smith.

It is going to take a huge campaign for Owen Smith to get the position. Angela Eagle’s challenge has already proved extremely unpopular and I fancy Owen smith Odds will lengthen once we learn of the public opinion of his hat being thrown in the ring.

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Quite simply Corbyn is well liked and has not yet been tested with a general election. His position on Brexit was fairly neutral and just about pro remain so there is little to hurt him on that score. His one downfall is that he may not be an effective leader. This however is something I don’t think the labour membership (who do vote) believe, although the wider electorate may be convinced of (who don’t vote).

10/11 seems a good value bet to me given the current state of affairs and barring some big media fumble from Corbyn I can see him staying put.


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