Sporting Bet – One Nil and you Fluffed it up Offer

*Offer Closed*

Sportingbet have a great betting offer if you find your winning bet turns sour and ends up a losing bet.

Basically if your bet is 1-0 up then ends up losing 2-1 you’ll get up to a £25 free bet!

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Who is this promo for?

The promo is intended for people who do not want to lose in football in the English Premier League. Especially if a team starts winning as a favorite and ends up losing. Is torture to see a team suffer after being winning a football match. EPL matches are often very difficult and at anytime a favorite team can lose, no matter how many goals leads in favor.

What is the best strategy for this promo?

This Sportingbet promo is a kind of “life insurance” for punters. Take a bet on a powerful team with good statistical numbers. Favorite teams usually win games 1-0 at the beginning and rarely allow the other team to make a goal. It is best to choose the teams that are most likely to win a match and have our “life insurance” backup in case they end up losing.

In the EPL, the favorite teams have a good chance of scoring the first goal, but if the opposing team scores, our life insurance will make our stake return. Weekends have the best EPL matches.

How this promo works?

It is very easy to understand this promotion. The selected team by the punter, Team A, the team starts winning 1-0 the football match, but Team B scores two goals and win the match, then the bet will be returned as free bet up to £25. The punter should choose a team to win the match, it is the only betting option allowed.

What are the terms and conditions?

– The minimum bet is £5 and only football matches of the Premier League are allowed during the month of September. Only pre-match bet, live bets are not permitted under any circumstances.

– Only match winner bets are allowed. Bets must be made one per match, multiple bets are not allowed in the same football match.

– The free bets, in case the punter loses the bet, will be delivered within 48 hours and will be valid for 7 days. Up to £25 per user at Sportingbet.

Offers and promos for football have always been present in Sportingbet. This is another one of those promos that helps punters to make more money and secure their investment. It is a bookie who likes to reward the loyalty of its users.

Click Here to Join Sporting Bet and get £50 free + this money back offer



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