Who are the best free tipsters online?

Being a betting tipster has become a great way of living for many people across the world, who offers their sport knowledge or abilities to compile a list of predictions of some games. There are literally thousands of tipsters out there that charge for their services, guaranteeing you long-lasting success and a positive number at the end of the day for you. However not everyone wants to pay for tips and turn to free tipsters.

Free tipsters often have a very low success rate. Some see it as a hobby, while others are trying to make a career out of it and profit longtime. If they establish a relationship with the buyers (bettors), who will notice their quality of work, they can also easily start charging the users for their services in the future. We will take a look at those free tipsters that can offer you useful advice on how to win money betting on sports.

A good site for free tips is FootballMatchPreviews.com although by no means the biggest free tipster site. It does offer a more discerning choice of tip, which puts it up there with premium services rather than the free tipster sites that churn out the tips and seem to have little regard for the innocent punters who take their guesses seriously. This site has 2-3 picks a week, and the success rate is good.

Another transparent website that provides free bets services is betshoot.com. This website guarantees quality tips, as their tipsters are on a competition for about 600€ in total. The four most successful tipsters of the month share the fee among themselves, providing regular tips for the lasting month. With the competition-motivated tips, you can be sure that you will find useful advices and tips from line betting, over/under and more. Another site who does this style of competition is of course OLBG.com which is a good alternative.

Another respectful and trustworthy tipster-website is bettingrunner.com, which has a very simple but useful design to recognize top tipsters. Bettingrunner.com a wide list of tipsters and their top tipster of the month has a 60% success rate, which is pretty good, considering that we are in pre-season which is far more difficult to predict.

Freesupertips.com is probably the biggest free tipping site around at the moment. You can choose from which bet you want bets to be visible to you or just navigate to top offers of the day. My worry though is the success rate. Backing a tip on every game suggest they perhaps aren’t as serious about their ROI as some of the more bespoke sites.

While there are no 100% sure free tipsters out there, you can follow multiple sources to gather information and win money. Personally I would prefer to follow a professional tipster, but for value for money I think visiting several free tipsters can help formulate or confirm your own research.

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