Why Do Bookies Restrict Winners And How To Avoid That?

Despite all the appealing slogans and ads about winning, most bookmakers don’t like winners. This is especially true for the biggest European sportsbooks on the market, as they have special departments who track winning players and make sure they are restricted. There are several ways to do it: from limiting the maximum amount the player can bet/win to completely closing his account.

If you are a consistent winner, you probably know that already or you are about to find out at some point. The question is if there is a way to avoid it somehow. While it is not easy, there are things you can do and at least extend the life of your account. In this article, we will try to give you the best advice in this direction.

Use Multiple Bookmakers

This is one of the most obvious choices, but if you manage to spread your bets across several places, you will stay under the radar longer. One of the disadvantages is that your money should be moved between the operators and sometimes you will have to take worse odds, but it’s an inevitable price.

The good thing is that you won’t be winning too much at a certain bookmaker and your accounts will be fully functional. This is essential if you want to keep making money.

Use Betting Exchanges

If you decide to use the services of a betting exchange like Betfair, for example, you can completely avoid the problem. They don’t care who wins and who doesn’t, so they don’t restrict players’ accounts. The issue with this approach is that sometimes there won’t be enough volume for the wager you want to place and this creates a natural limitation. However, if you prefer popular sports, leagues and markets, you will find enough action most of the time.

Check Asian Bookies

Some Asian bookmakers, most notably Pinnacle, have a different strategy and try to reach the highest volumes and balance the books in a way that they don’t really care who wins. Such operators use special software that constantly moves the prices according to the cash flows and adjusts everything. This way, they have a certain percentage of profit, no matter how the games end. These bookmakers gladly accept winners and have very high betting limits. If you are making good money and are tired of trying to find a loophole, they might be the best choice.

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