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So What Is It Worth To Be Given
a Real Chance at Consistent Profits Betting On Football?

Let me put it this way, if your bank suddenly said to you we have a savings account that can make you over 20% in interest on your starting deposit in just 18 months, would you want one? …Of course you would. And would you be prepared to pay a small fee for the privilege? …Certainly.

But banks are safe and secure aren’t they? Betting is dangerous? Isn’t it? …

I think we all know by now that bankers are the most high risk taking, lousy, greedy gamblers out there, and what do they give you for your hard earned money over a year, 20%? 10%? …No, a measly 1-2% if you’re lucky.

So, I’m sure your thinking what’s the catch here? …Are you tied in to using this investment opportunity? …Of Course Not.

Do we charge you if you want to get out of the investment early? …No.

Can you stop if you want to? …Any time.

Will you have to risk high amounts of money? …No. certainly not, bet 10p or £1000 its entirely up to you. You can also paper trade or bet to small stakes before you bet to see that we are for real.

Football Betting Master is a serious opportunity, we put your first and do our very best to provide you with top-notch football betting tips.

We are not some casual bettor mouthing off in a forum about how good they are at betting. We are a group of betting and football experts who want to profit season after season with our tips!

I have seen a lot of betting systems and so called football “tipsters” and I am sure you are as fed up as I am of their outrageous claims and false promises.

I’m sorry to say I can’t make you a million by next Tuesday. I can’t even make you £10,000 this week. However what I can do and will do is provide you with amazing football betting tips with a VERY high strike rate!

Plus full access to our under/over football betting strategy that has made over 200% on one season …

But, why would you give such a Successful Strategy Away?

First of all, I’m not giving my secrets away for free, although as soon as I reveal the price you will see I am practically giving them away.

Secondly, It makes no difference to me if I let a few people in on my strategy, I can still bet using my formula as there is no way this can ever be shut down by the bookies.

By sharing my formula you get to potentially make money on any league or tournament worldwide.

Unlike Other Betting System Authors I Answer Your Questions…

I’m sure like me you want to check out the latest betting systems and hopefully make a nice profit. Isn’t it frustrating when your questions get ignored? Or you have no idea of what you are actually buying.

Simply contact me at and I will answer any question you have about our football betting system as soon as I can.

To ensure you know Football Betting Master is a quality betting system, I have answered some common queries below.

Your Questions Answered.

Is this Football Betting Service Easy To Operate?

Since we provide you with everything you need including weekly football tips and a unique football betting system, yes it is easy to operate. The more advanced players can use the manual to make even more money by putting their newly learned football betting skills into practice.

Is your Football Betting Service illegal?

No not at all, although it is definitely the best way of making cash from football I know of.

Does this Football Betting Service Work In The US?

Yes it does. We also cover Major League Soccer Tips in the Summer & always list picks that are also available at US bookmakers

The matched betting section of the manual is not suitable for US Customers, but you can use the main formula in the manual and the tipster service.

How Much Should I stake?

We use a points system as we like to promote responsible gambling. We advise to use matched betting initially to build up a betting bank. We also advise to reinvest profits to build up a betting bank,
rather than use your personal funds. Please remember to only bet with funds you can realistically afford to lose. Your point stake should be 0.1% of your annual betting bank. Bets are typically 5 points (5%)
ir 2.5 points (2.5%) of your annual bank.

Will I Get Banned From The Bookies If I Win Often?

This does happen but is unlikely, unless you’re betting at high stakes. It is more common in people who do football trading. This is not a problem with our Football Tips & Football Betting System and there are enough bookmakers to choose from should this occur. By law the bookie will have to pay you what you are owed before they ban you.

What odds will I be betting at?

The odds for this system are generally between 1.6 – 2.2

Is this a laying system?

No this is a backing system, we don’t lay out bets.

What Football Events Will The System Cover?

Our Football Tips & Betting System are designed to work on any football league worldwide. Our expert tipsters will focus on premier league football and many other leagues and tournaments throughout the world.

How Often Do You Provide Football Tips?

Our team of tipsters will deliver on average 6 high quality football tips every single week 52 weeks a year, including all summer.

Do I need to use loads of free bets to profit?

No. While we recommend using the best uk free bets on offer to build a betting bank up, it is not necessary if you just want to place the tips to potentially profit.

Are These Football Betting Tips risky?

With the inclusion of matched betting, we have made it possible to build up a bank using low risk techniques, we also have a manual that helps you learn how to profit on the under/over market as well as our Dead Certs tipster service which gives the bets we see as low risk and most likely to win.

Can I Cancel if I don’t like this Betting System?

Of course you can! Unlike other rogue system providers we are happy to let you opt out of the service any time at all if you try this method and you find it is not for you. We will even let you keep the ebook in the unlikely event that you want to cancel!


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