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BetDaq Bookmaker Review

Betdaq is an Irish sports betting website that dates back to the 2000s. The company is licensed by the UK Gambling Commission and this is basically a betting exchange website. While Betfair, which introduced this concept is charging a 5% commission on winnings, Betdaq can be considered the only real big competitor in this market and their commission is only 2%. Betdaq was created by Desmond, a billionaire that also owns the popular Celtic soccer team. Now it is owned by Ladbrokes after a transaction that happened in February 2013.

The site has always been able to stand out of the crowd by offering some great promos and the in-play live betting platform is fantastic. The odds available are very sharp, especially when you are trading against some more inexperienced bettors.

Betdaq current offer is £1000 in cashback which is given back in your first month through commission rebates (usually charged at 2%)

18+ New customers only. Recieve your first month’s commision back as cash up to £1,000. Enter promo code: DAQBACK. Terms & conditions apply

There is also a special way available to reward the loyal clients. You have to hit a certain level of exchange commission threshold and after that you can receive a free bet.

The conditions imposed to the free bets are not tough and this makes them a perfect way to actually receive benefits from the bets you’re making.

In case you will want to find diversity, Betdaq is the perfect site. Along with the sports betting available, you can also find an online casino and you can always make the switch with just a few clicks.

This sports betting exchange system is based in Dublin, Ireland and it is able to offer you superior services. The fans of this service are always arguing that it’s better compared to its number one competitor Betfair. There are several features and tools available that can offer you a good guidance to find the betting opportunities.

Another thing that is most definitely worth checking out is the Betdaq mobile version. It is crucial for any sports betting website to have an easy to use mobile version and Betdaq is able to provide the users with that. The Betdaq app is available for both Android and iPhone users and thanks to the fact that it’s easy to use, you can take your sports bets with you everywhere you go.

Since this is a betting exchange system and not a regular sportsbook, there are some pluses and some minuses that you need to consider. One of the things you might find to be negative is that there is still a small liquidity available for anything except for the most important markets and games. This means that you will not find too much activity going on at the less popular football leagues, or the matches available in smaller countries. But if you plan to bet on the Champions league, Ligue 1, Serie A, you will have absolutely no problems.

There are also positive things about Betdaq. You need to consider the perspective you have while placing the bets. Since this is a sports betting exchange system, you don’t bet against the sportsbook, instead you are the one that sets the odds and you can throw any bet you want, and wait for another bettor to place a bet against you.

Betdaq is a fantastic service and the odds are in many cases a lot better compared to what the other sports betting websites have available. In any case, they are different and this is a system that is most definitely worth taking into consideration.

There are some great live in-play betting done on this platform and even if you might encounter a low liquidity, there are many opportunities available.

Getting in touch with Betdaq is easy. They are always open to question, feedback or comments. You can use the live chat which is completed with an e-mail and phone support. You should feel free to use any of the payment methods presented here and there is also a very detailed help available at the Frequently Asked Question section.

Betdaq is the number one alternative you have available to Betfair. Since they are not the number one betting exchange systems in the world, you get to find better bonuses, a smaller fee on your winnings and plenty of other benefits given to players. They offer an amazing coverage of the soccer games, as this is their number one sport they are focusing on. Now that the World Cup started, you can see a special section on their website that covers all the games. It makes perfect sense to register for Betdaq and try for yourself their services and it won’t be long before you are impressed with the results.

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Key Terms:
18+ only. Up to £1,000 commission back at the end of the first 30 days as withdrawable funds. Standard 2% commission rate applies. Not available to API or RDT customers. New customers only. T&Cs Apply.