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Bodog Sportsbook Review

Bodog is the brainchild of legendary gambling entrepreneur Calvin Ayre. After rising to prominence in 2000, Bodog endured turmoil later in the decade when its online poker business was hit by closure in the US, where online gambling is largely illegal. Bodog Sports represents the expansion of the brand into the thrilling world of sports betting. Backed by considerable experience in the industry, Bodog Sports has been a worthy introduction.


The focus of the promotions will often be on North American sports, as founder Calvin Ayre is from Canada. Even when you visit the European site, the focus is on North American promotions. That being said, you can snag a 100% match bonus up to $100 for wagering on our preferred brand football, as opposed to the American variety.

Football Betting Coverage

You need to look for “Soccer Betting” to find the betting options that you’ll be looking for. Once in the correct section, you will see the clear ambition of Bodog Sports. Matches are covered from the likes of Bolivia, Peru, South Africa, and Norway, not to mention various other global countries. Of course, all other major leagues are covered, including England, France, Germany, Italy, and Spain.

Due to the North American heritage of the site, the focus is on spread betting, which is similar to an Asian handicap. Look for the “Moneyline” to bet in the more familiar outright format. In this case, the odds can be pretty good. For instance, a home team in a relatively even matchup receives more generous odds than with UK-focused sites. Various other markets are available, but they can be tedious to sift through because of the layout on the dropdown menu.

Bodog Sports features a “Live Betting” tab for accessing the in-play betting opportunities. A drawback, though, is that there doesn’t seem to be any option for controlling the middle of the screen where most of the space is. As a result, you need to scour the “Soccer” betting opportunities on the left side of the screen.

Setting aside the in-play disappointment, the mobile sports betting platform is very impressive. So long as a user has a phone that supports HTML5 browsing, they will be able to access Bodog Sports directly in their mobile browser. This eliminates the need for downloads, with players then able to access all major football betting prospects.

Customer Support

The support email is listed as, but any other contact information seems to be absent. To try and provide support to players, there is a Bodog help resource containing answers to cover a range of potential issues.


Bodog Sports might be an adjustment for some while they get used to an unfamiliar setup. However, you will find outright generous odds that have the potential to be better than those offered at UK sites. One area for improvement is the display of in-play betting opportunities, and another is customer support. Lastly, the mobile site is quick and easy to access in HTML5 mobile browsers.

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