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Bwin Bookmaker Review

Bwin is probably one of the biggest sports betting websites in the world. They have a top advertising partnership with some of the most popular soccer teams like Bayern, Milan or Real Madrid. While they never had a history with land based betting shops or bets via the telephone, they started to offer their betting services straight over the Internet and it all begin in 1999. They got their name in 2001 when the company was acquired by bwin Interactive Entertainment, a publicly listed gambling company from Vienna, Austria. There is a staff of 100 members that handles the betting and there are more than 20 million customers who actively place bets

Bwin was turned into a successful online sports betting website very fast. Now it includes more than 500 different football leagues coming from 100 countries and the number of daily bets available goes beyond 30,000. Bwin is a recognizable name in the sports betting industry and it’s a name you can trust. Another highlight of is that the live betting system is probably one of the easiest to use.

The fun is not limited to football and sports betting, there is also a poker room and casino available. This way when you feel you need something else to bet on, you have many great possibilities to take into consideration.

Bwin is a bookmaker popular outside the UK and this makes it really unique. Generally the most popular sports betting websites are located in the UK and they are made specifically for that market. As you would expect from an European bookmaker, there is a great coverage on football. While looking at the odds, they are good, but you can never find something spectacular.

The design of Bwin website is able to stand out of the big crowd of sports betting websites and this is made possible with many graphics that are available. You can always find information about the latest sporting events and this should give you some good ideas about on what you should place the bets. While the site looks really good and compared to the other bookmakers and there is a price you have to pay for the looks. In case you have a slower internet connection, you might start having some difficulties as the pages will load slowly.

Some of the most outstanding features available at bwin are the live betting system. This one is easy to use and it allows you to place bets on football even after a match has already started. The odds change in real time, based on what is happening during the match. The live betting is available mostly for the European football leagues. At any given time when you visit this website, you have the option to find a few live matches on which you can place live bets. This type of bets are very popular as you get to have access to a wide range of information you can use. Imagine that you can already see how both soccer teams are performing and after that you can place the bets.

In case you don’t want to keep on missing some of the best betting opportunities, then you should also take a look at the mobile betting opportunities. The bwin mobile version can be accessed via your phone’s browser and it allows you to have instant access to the same platform as you get with your desktop computer. There are endless possibilities, especially since you get have access to more than 30,000 different bets on a daily basis.

There is also another bwin mobile sports app that allows you to place the bets, in case you don’t want to use your phone’s browser and on top of that there is also the possibility to have access to live scores. Another special feature is the SMS bet notification. Once an event finishes, you will receive a text that will tell you the result of the game and whether you’re a winning player or not.

This site can be perfect for both new players and for the professional bettors. As a new bettor you can use the first bet tutorial and this should guide you through the process and offer you the information need in the future.

When you first register for bwin there is a first depositor bonus, and other than that you can’t find many other bonuses available, so this means that you have to use your welcome bonus wisely.

Bwin can be considered to be an international online bookmaker. The bets are offered in multiple currencies and there is a nice selection of payment methods you can use for both deposit and withdrawals. There is also Paypal available and this is another sign that this is a trusted and reliable online bookmaker. You won’t have any problems cashing out your winnings and most withdrawals are handled in less than 24-48 hours.

Bwin can be considered to be one of the best option for sports betting for any European bettor. The site is very appealing and everything is available in 22 different languages. Bettors from more than 100 countries can start placing sport bets on bwin and there is always the possibility to find those great opportunities that allow you to start seeing a positive ROI. The site is intuitive and easy to use and it allows you to find your way easier through the bets. Your money is always safe at bwin and there are no problems with the cash outs. One thing that you should be aware of, is that in case you are a sharp bettor that always wins, you might start seeing some limitations set to your account. But this is a practice that happens with most online bookmakers. All these reasons are saying to you one thing: bwin must be considered to be placed #1 on the list with bookmakers where you plan to make the next deposit and start betting.

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