Football Betting System, Predictions and Tips

Doubles Betting

The word accumulator has become one of the most vital buzzwords in football betting. Players are drawn to these bets because they get to cover multiple result outcomes with a single stake. The lure of these bets is the superior odds offered by sports betting sites. A double represents the first step on the accumulator ladder and in theory is a simpler bet to win.

Double bets entail the selection of two different result outcomes. For example: win-win or win-draw etc. The bet will only pay out if both outcomes are correct. Above a double, the next step is to cover three result outcomes with a treble. Following a treble, you’re then entering accumulator territory.

Example of Double Betting

The following example depicts the outright odds for two Premier League matches, including win (home), draw, and win (away). Check out the odds below:

Match one: Leicester vs. Everton – Leicester @ 3/1; draw @ evens; Everton @ 2/1
Match two: QPR vs. Hull – QPR @ evens; draw @ evens; Hull @ 2/1

In the example above, we are going to select Everton away @ 2/1 and Hull away @ 2/1 for our double. The total stake for the double will be £10, but that is merely for simplicity. It is possible to bet modestly on doubles and still yield reasonable returns.

Moving on to the returns, this particular double will deliver profit of £80 from a £10 stake. Most betting sites will display the profit and stake combined, so look for the returns to be quoted as £90 collectively. You can analyse returns online by searching for a betting calculator.

Effective Forms of Double Betting

Doubles are not typically at their most effective when backing uncertain outcomes. In these instances, you’re better off minimising the risk by using a lower stake to create a larger accumulator. You’ll receive much higher odds and the satisfaction will be much greater if it comes in.

In the Premier League, double betting is an astute way of yielding greater winnings from title-chasers like Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, and the two Manchester clubs. You can pair a couple of these sides together for relatively certain outcomes and significantly increase the potential winnings. For instance, a pairing of Arsenal and Chelsea with a £10 stake could net close a 50-100% return on top of your stake, when individually they might only be 20-30%.

Doubles are an intelligent way of betting because there are fewer variables to go wrong. Football bettors are never short of a story when their accumulator was wrecked by a last minute goal. A double with a larger stake can often be a safer bet, provided you are willing to risk the greater value. Backing teams like Chelsea at home don’t typically offer impressive returns, but combining them with other certainties can earn winnings.

An Exciting Option for Tournaments

For tournaments like the Champions League, World Cup, and European Championships, doubles are highly appealing for bettors that want to prove they can predict the outcome. So when it comes time for the quarterfinals and semi-finals to be played, doubles can really come to fore. And the odds can be very appealing when both sides in each fixture are evenly matched. But don’t forget that you will be predicting the results at the end of 90 minutes – not extra time.