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Is Football Betting Master Easy To Operate?

Since we provide you with everything you need in the manual and we also provide tips on subscription, yes it is easy to operate. The more advance players can use the Football Betting Master manual and make even more money by putting their newly learned football betting skills into practice.

Is Football Betting Master Illegal?

No not at all, although it is definitely the best way of making cash from betting I know of.

Does Football Betting Master Work In The US?

Yes it does. The tips work worldwide, we even bet on Major League Soccer in the summer when other leagues have finished.

The risk free betting section of the manual is not suitable for US Customers, but you can use the main formula in the manual and the tipster service.

How Much Can Football Betting Master Make Me?

As we use a points system there is no limit to how much you can make if you reinvest your profits and stick with the service.

Will I Get Banned From The Bookies If I Win Often?

This does happen but is unlikely, unless you’re betting at high stakes. It is more common in people who do football trading. This is not a problem with Football Betting Master and there are enough bookmakers to choose from should this occur. By law the bookie will have to pay you what you are owed before they ban you.

What odds will I be betting at?

The odds for this system are generally between 1.6 – 2.2

Is this a laying system?

No this is a backing system, we don’t lay out bets.

What Football Events Will The System Cover?

Football Betting Master is designed to work on any football league worldwide. We pick the very best picks each and every week from around the world and deliver them to you via email.

What market do you bet on?

We focus on the under/over 2.5 goal market as this for us is the best way at present we can make a sustainable profit from betting on football.

How Often Do You Provide Picks?

Our team of tipsters will deliver on average 3 high quality picks every single week 52 weeks a year, including all summer.

Is Football Betting Master risky?

This is a very very low risk system. With the inclusion of the risk free betting system, we have made it possible to build up a bank of £500 risk free, even if you skip this section the system is still very safe and it is up to you how much money you start with.

Can I Cancel if I don’t like the system?

Of course you can! Unlike other rogue system providers we are happy to let you opt out of the service any time at all if you try this method and you find it is not for you. We will even let you keep the Football Betting Master manual in the unlikely event that you want to cancel!



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