Football Betting System, Predictions and Tips

First Goal Time

Soccer betting can offer a huge number of opportunities. There are many types of bets, and it’s always best to get familiar to most of them before you start placing your money on the results. An interesting soccer bet that has always been able to captivate people from all over the world is the first goal time. Understanding how this bet works is very important and also very simple.

You are required to know the time when the first goal will be scored. It is very difficult or close to impossible guessing the exact minute when the first goal happens, and in order to make this bet more manageable the 90 minutes of play are divided into periods. The number of periods differs from one online bookmaker to another. This way some sites will feature 6 equal periods where each of them has 15 minutes. You can also find sports betting websites where there are periods of 10 minute.

One thing you should be aware of regarding the first goal time bets is that in case the goal is scored in the added time, it will count as if it was scored in the previous period. In case you see a match with no goals and then in an extended time someone scores a goal in the 93rd minute, it will count as if it was scored between 75 to 90 minutes.

This is an interesting bet and the odds given by the sportsbooks will be different from one site to another and also each time-period holds different odds calculated by the sites.

This bet is mainly based on statistics. This means that it’s easy for the bettors to follow a pattern and build up a strategy that works. Every bet placed should be based on what happened in the past, and it will require some research while you’re monitoring the trends.

Some of the best results that come from the first goal time bets are when you are betting on the underdog. But at the same time you must have real reasons to do that based on facts. It takes a lot of experience and practice in order to start placing winning bets. If you are a big fan of soccer, you have no problems to adapting to the online bookmakers first goal time bets.