Football Betting System, Predictions and Tips

How to make accurate Football Predictions

The best way to make money off predicting football matches is to bet on the Leagues that you follow and observe the most. Much like the advice that creative writing tutors give to their students – “write what you know.” The same applies to football betting – bet on what you know about!

There is also a tendency to believe you can beat the bookies by using the multiple, combined bets out there such as Goliath, Shuffle, and Yankee…. etc. My advice is to keep it simple and of course, it goes without saying, never bet large amounts.

When it comes to predicting under and over 2.5 goals, you may have a Norwegian 2nd division game where the stats look perfect for a goal-fest and the game ends up finishing 0-0. This is because football is a game of numerous variables with a spherical object that bounces at the heart of the action (the ball that is!) and where human fallibility and inconsistency plays a huge part in the outcome.

Nowadays it is possible to watch most countries Premier divisions via live streaming. If you do wish to bet on the less glamorous leagues because you feel you have noticed a trend of either defensive or offensive football, then I’d recommend trying to watch at least the last 4 or 5 games  of the teams you will be betting on.

This will give you the real insight you need into individual player form; which is at the heart of what a tipster needs to be successful rather than pure statistics. The only problem with watching all these games from lesser leagues is that it can be intensely boring, and that’s why I recommend betting on the Leagues that you love and know about.

With under and over 2.5 goals predictions, statistics are obviously important too but, even if a team has drawn their previous 3 matches 0-0 it does not mean that their next game will be under 2.5 goals because of various factors. They may have created and missed several goal-scoring opportunities in these games (of course you can check “shots on goal” stats without having to watch the game itself but this does not give you an accurate feel for the quality of the chances created, they may have missed from close range or they may have been hopeful longer shots that went badly high and wide or had no velocity whatsoever) by playing excellent football and next week their top striker may be back from suspension. The team’s they were playing against could have adopted a very negative approach to the match because they possess inferior players and so became difficult to break down.  Therefore there is also the possibility that the team they are playing against in the match you wish to bet on could be more expansive and take more risks, causing more goal scoring opportunities.

Head to head statistics can be a useful guide, but only if the two teams have the same philosophy, management set- up and personnel from the last time they met.

With over 2.5 goals, it can be fruitful to use clubs that have a centre-forward in a rich vein of goal-scoring form, but basically, you need as much information as possible before you can make an instinctive bet.

If it is on a League where you know the strengths and weaknesses of each player, real form, tactical approach of the manager (at home and away)and who is available to play, then not only will you have more fun in your predictions but you will also more likely be successful too.

If all that sounds like hard work, why not check out our own Football Tipsters and let us do the hard work for you!