AccaTipster Review

If you haven’t checked out yet you really must as its an exceptional accumulator tipster service.

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The service gives a selection of 5-folds, doubles and ocassionally trebles and 4-folds.

What I like about the service is that it utilises 5-fold insurance offers. If you are familiar these offers give customers a free bet refund if
you hit 4/5 winners rather than 5.

If you’ve ever placed a 5-fold you will know that it doesn’t always go to plan so its great to have insurance if one team lets you down.

I also was impressed with the doubles tips which on our review had a high strike rate, the odds on these were lower than the 5-folds but
more won during the trial period and they are a good solid way of making returns.

However for the greater returns its the high odds 5-folds that need to win. They have had a few big winners and its a great feeling when all
5 come in and gives a huge boost to your profits.

Currently accatipster is offering a 63% discount which is fantastic and means you can access for just £5.58 a month.

Many tipsters have much higher rates so its good to find a winning one that doesn’t break the bank.

Accatipster comes with a 60 day money back guarantee so you can be safe in the knowledge that if Steve’s tips aren’t for you, you can get your
money back and walk away.

Not that you’d want to though as this service is one of the most fun tipsters I’ve followed its also easy as all your tips are given in 1 email on a Friday.

So if you’re busy or like me a little too lazy to bet every day its a great one to follow.

I recommend if you do follow to use the bookies they use for the 5-folds at least, you can get away with using your own but this will give you the refund cash
which has already added up to £300 this season and that is a nice little boost and better than it going to the bookies!

So what are you waiting for!

Click Here to Check Out Acca Tipster