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League of Legends Betting Review

Sportsbooks continue to operate as a moveable feast within the sports betting landscape and they’re constantly on the lookout for new betting options and punting opportunities.

Whilst playing the games associated with esports is certainly not a new vocation, the accompanying betting markets and increased finances have seen the sport progress to the next level.

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Arguably the most globally renowned esports betting market available to punters is League of Legends, with tournaments having taken place all over the world for nearly a decade.

As one of the most recognisable offerings esports throw up, League of Legends is a hugely popular betting vocation for punters and there are a whole host of associated markets.

How does betting on League of Legends work:

Whilst certainly complex in its gameplay, League of Legends benefits hugely in the esports betting sphere for its simplicity for punters to bet on.

Betting on League of Legends works like many other sports, with punters able to place bets on the straight win/lose markets as well as being able to wager on the scores in specific games and contests.

From there, accumulator bets can also be built by punters looking to win big with low risk, whilst outright winner punts can also be played at big tournaments and events.

One of the USP’s for League of Legends as a sports betting entity is the handicap betting markets generated by the very nature of the game and punters can enjoy exploiting genuine winning opportunities with bookmakers.

League of Legends Betting Tips:

Build up the Bankroll

One of the most exciting yet challenging aspects of League of Legends betting is the volatility, with the outcome of contests and matches able to change in an instant.

In-play League of Legends betting certainly presents the best possible opportunity for punters to win quickly, which can yield significant rewards in a short space of time.

On the flip side of course, is the possibility that punters can quickly find themselves on a losing streak and their funds can dwindle away from them.

Building up a bankroll (that you can afford to bet with) is an essential formula for success when League of Legends betting.

Bet with your head

Like most sports betting scenarios, objectivity is key when betting on League of Legends – principally due to the aforementioned volatile nature of the game.

Having an allegiance to a particular player or team in the world of League of Legends can be costly and punters can quickly see their funds disappear if they lost their objectivity.

Know your stuff when it comes to League of Legends betting, become clued up on the who’s who in the professional League of Legends world and seek out trends and patterns when backing your chosen punt.

In addition, seeking out value in League of Legends betting can be a tricky thing for punters to do – so be sure to assess all market options available before placing a bet.

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#ad Please Gamble Responsibly 18+