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How to Bet on Shots on Target

Modern football is all about entertainment and front and centre of that category is the thrills and spills associated with scoring goals.

Putting the ball in the back of the net is the currency in which all teams deal in, and whichever team has more shots on target generally goes on to win the game. 

A shot on target is defined as a shot that is heading into the goal – whether or not a defender or goal keeper manages to save it and such is the boom across in-play markets in football, that punters are now readily able to bet on how many shots on target will take place within a given game.

The styles which some players approach the game can often have a huge impact on the number of shots on target in any given match too. Some strikers are looking to shoot at every opportunity, backing their power and accuracy to be the undoing of a goal keeper. Whilst other strikers may focus more on linking up the play and involving their team mates, rather than shooting at goal.

With the ultimate target of football to score more goals than the opposition, the shots on target market is always an attractive proposition in any game and it can be lucrative for all levels of punter.

How football shots on target betting works: 

The basic premise behind betting on the shots on target market is very simple. If a shot is heading on target (and is registered by the match stat provider as a shot on target), then bookmakers will have to pay out on it.

Generally speaking, bookies offer an Over/Under market on any given game, allowing punters to bet on how many shots on target a specific team or player will have.

As a team, betting on the shots on target market can be lucrative, as there is no necessity for the shot to end up in the back of the net – it simply has to be heading on target. 

Betting on certain individuals to have a certain number of shots on target during a game can return significant sums of money, especially if players who aren’t known for their goal scoring exploits manage to have a few shots on target.

Things to look out for when shots on target betting: 

Understand Positions – Invariably, strikers are tasked with putting the ball in the back of the net for any given football team. Consequently, betting on a striker to have more shots on target than a defender/midfielder may yield fewer financial rewards but is more likely to come good for punters.

Research the Players – Every player is different in the role in which they operate for their team. Some strikers are tasked with holding the ball up and distracting defenders, whilst others are charged with firing shots away. Picking the latter will enable punters to access wins more easily.

Shop Around For the Best Bookies – There are a wealth of bookmakers in the UK for the best free UK best see here, all offering an array of betting options for punters. Shots on target betting has become hugely popular in recent times so be sure to look into the odds and markets offered by each company, before placing any shots on target bets.