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Choice Tips Review

The UK horse racing market is saturated with tipsters, all of which have their own back story and believe they have their own unique levels of in depth knowledge.

James Calvert, the man behind Choice Tips has been offering horse racing insight for 45 years and Choice Tips is his brainchild.

Choice Tips have developed quickly on the tipster market and with an affiliation with market leading conglomerate Betfan, it is building momentum within the horse racing betting community.

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Choice Tips Background:

Following a tried and tested betting strategy, Choice Tips was launched in the April of 2019 by James Calvert and instantly became part of the BetFan group.

With a huge wealth of knowledge to call upon and a prolific history of picking winners, James provides the selections for Choice Tips daily with plenty of time for punters to back up the picks financially. 

Choice Tips currently offers punters the following 4 sign-up options:

  • 7 day subscription – £12
  • 28 day subscription – £30
  • 90 day subscription – £80
  • 6 months subscription – £150

Key Statistics:

Although very much in their infancy, Choice Tips have not hit the ground running since their launch in April 2019 and are operating at an average monthly loss of £12.05.

It is very much early days for Choice Tips and they will be looking to improve on their Return on Investment of -0.22% as quickly as possible.

Choice Tips will be pleased with their relatively strong strike rate of 13.01% and they will be hoping to use this as a building block in the future as they search for consistent winners for their followers. 


Choice Tips have a very knowledgeable tipster in James Calvert and despite their slow start they will be hoping to start providing winners on a regular basis for their punters. They began their operation in the flat season in the UK and they will be hoping to see improved results at the onset of the National Hunt racing season (October-April). They are part of the BetFan group and they will be looking to improve their results as quickly as possible for their followers. 

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