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Best Twitter Football Tipsters

Football betting has become the bread and butter export for most of the big bookmakers in the UK and the influence social media has upon the football betting picture continues to grow.

There has never been more football betting opportunities on the market for punters to exploit and sportsbooks are all too aware of the public thirst for football betting.

Social media continues to have a huge hand in the way in which football is portrayed to the fans and businesses alike and the associated markets with social media and football continue to grow in stature.

Twitter has become a substantial resource for football fans of every club, with news, rumour, and insight all in one place – allowing football fans to access a world of sporting content.

A subsidiary of this increase in football content consumption has been the advent of football tipster pages on twitter – where fans can sign up to access the daily tips of a specific football expert.

Inevitably, football tipsters (much like horse racing tipsters) are reliable information sources but their selections are always to be taken with a pinch of salt.

That said, for rookie football punters – being able to access a plethora of knowledge and information can be hugely useful when football betting – particularly from a statistical perspective.

Here is a guide to some of the best Football Twitter Tipsters on the market:

Pinch Bet – @PinchBet

When it comes to finding a reliable twitter football tipster, worldwide coverage should be front and centre of your thoughts.

Most of the major bookmakers offer odds and tips on all of the major games, finding value in football betting comes from the ‘lesser’ known leagues.

Pinch Bet are adept at finding value in every football betting opportunity and having been on the scene since 2016, have more than served their apprenticeship.

Furthermore, they are a free service – enabling punters of all levels to come and go as they please.

Matchbook – @Matchbook

Although it is not exclusively a tipster page, Matchbook should always be considered for sports punters as they look to find the best football tips.

Through the Matchbook insight page, there are a wealth of betting options available – most of which represent real value when football betting.

With insight and knowledge across games all over the world, as well as some of the most competitive odds on the market, Matchbook are a must follow tipster for any football fan.

Mark O’Haire 

Independent football tipsters are rather thin on the ground these days but Mark O’Haire is one of the very best in the business.

As a former tipster for some of the biggest bookies in the UK, O’Haire continues to provide expert analysis and insight across major and lesser known football betting markets.

Furthermore, his operation is easy to follow and has the punter in mind when making his predictions.

He has a Twitter page with plenty of tips on as well as a subscription service that punters can subscribe to – allowing punters to find out the best strategy for them, regardless of bank balance.