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Jibber Jabber Tipster Review

Long shot horse racing tipsters can provide a fantastic low risk, high reward punting strategy for all levels of punter, finding a reliable tipster service for this approach can be difficult however.
Jibber Jabber Horse Racing Tips is an emerging tipster service that has quickly established itself as one of the major players on the scene – with consistent and lucrative results in their year in operation so far.

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Jibber Jabber Background:

Having launched in December 2017, Jibber Jabber have enjoyed a meteoric rise in both bank balance and notoriety in the subsequent 12 months. With a strong presence on social media, they have built a loyal and dedicated follower base that has reaped the rewards through their long odds betting strategy.

Key Statistics:

With an average monthly profit of £3500, Jibber Jabber have gone from strength to strength over the past 12 months. With big money winners coming in on a daily basis since their launch in December 2017, they have seen their bank balance rise from £1000 to over £45000 in the past 12 months.

Jibber Jabber have been able to maintain a strong return on investment ratio of 22% throughout their existence and considering their betting model is comprised of bets placed around the 10/1 mark – the statistics stand up favourably for Jibber Jabber.

Similarly, a very strong strike rate of 20% has been maintained throughout by Jibber Jabber and taking into account the length of the odds on offer on most of the bets, the strike rate percentage is incredibly strong.

Jibber Jabber have quickly established themselves as a reliable and formidable tipster in the UK Horse Racing market and with over 35k followers on Twitter alone, their tipster service will continue to grow. The summer months yielded a plateau for Jibber Jabber – suggesting their most effective tipping period is the National Hunt (winter) racing season and profits continue to rise month after month.


With a dominant social media presence and consistently strong results, Jibber Jabber look to have a proficient and reliable tipster service that has something for all levels of punter, through their lower risk, higher reward betting approach.

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