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Inform Racing Review

Finding reliable and profitable horse racing tipsters has been an age old past time within the sphere of sports betting and it is now making the transition to the online betting community. 

The basic premise of Inform Racing shares many of the key principles of successful betting conglomerates with its operators mindful of the pitfalls available in the hostile world of online horse racing betting. 

With a strategy focusing on principally horse racing in the UK, the Inform Racing encourages their customers to stay with them for the long haul and play a patient game when looking to build their bank balance. 

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Inform Racing Background:

Inform Racing take pride in focusing on the detail and their specifically designed algorithms are cutting edge in the horse racing tipster market.

They send daily tips out to their subscribers, with the predictions arriving in e-mail format, in good time before the event kicks off. 

Compared to many other horse racing tipsters on the market, Inform Racing are one of the oldest operators – with their first tips coming back in 2003, testament to their notoriety and quality of tips over the past 17 years.

With such heritage and prestige within the horse racing tipping sphere, it is perhaps no surprise that Inform Racing offer one of the most expensive tipster services on the market.

A monthly sign up with Inform Racing costs £35, three months will set you back £70 whilst an annual subscription is £200 – a sum that is reduced to £140 if a punter signs up for a second year.

Key Statistics:

Generating accurate statistics from the Inform Racing back catalogue is no easy task, with over 15 years of daily tips to have to syphon through.

In the year 2019, Inform Racing had a strike rate of 43.08% on their punts (within their Top 3 column) testament to their excellent tips.


Longevity is very hard to come by in the horse racing tipster game, with services often dropped by conglomerates if they have a couple of shaky months. As an independent service, Inform Racing have no such worries but with a 17 year history of providing punters with daily wins, they are more one of the most respected tipsters on the market. Their prices will not be for everyone but for guaranteed results, punters who can afford it should be using Inform Racing. 

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