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Racing Multiplier Review

If you are looking for a way to profit on Lucky15 horse racing tips then this is the service for you.

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At the time of review they boast a huge profit of £18570 through their service which gives 1 lucky15 tip (4 horses) on
tip days.

To profit on Lucky15 bets you essentially have to hit a combination of wins. A Lucky 15 consists of 4 singles, 6 doubles, 4 trebles and 1 4-fold. To maximise the profits the more winners you get the more profit. You can profit with just 1 winner depending on the odds.

This lucky15 Calculator is a good tool to play around with to see how this type of bet works.

Racing Multiplier used each way Lucky 15 so essentially half the stake is on a win Lucky 15 and half stake is on a place Lucky 15 (horses to finish in top 2,3 or 4 usually).

If any of this sounds complicated, the beauty of the service is that it is extremely simple to follow. As online bookmakers also have a box you can fill in on a betslip to bet on a lucky 15 as well as a tick box to select “Each Way”. It is simply a case of loading the 4 tipped horses into your betslip to follow. Easy.

If you are a big fan of horse racing betting you most likely have come across Lucky 15 bets as they are one of the more popular horse racing multiple bets.

What you may not have seen is someone who can actually make a regular profit on them. Sure you see big wins on Twitter, but these kind of posters rarely post their losing bets.

What makes Racing Multiplier different is they show all their results and make a profit on steady small gains with ocassional big wins, rather than unrealistic huge wins, which lets face it are unrealisitic.

Because it is very difficult to hit 4 horses to win, the fact that this service uses each way bets is interesting at it is obviously easier to find horses that will place in say the top 4 than win the race.

For this reason Lucky15 bets are a better choice than a simple 4-fold. A 4-fold with 4 horses at 5/1 each is 1295/1. I’m sure you don’t need me to explain that you aren’t hitting that 4-fold very often.

However if you back those 4 horses in an each way Lucky 15 and 2 place and 2 win (more realistic) you would triple your money. If three win and 1 place you make 13 times your stake. If none of them win but all place you get 1.5 times your stake back.

As you can see with Lucky15 bets you have more ways of profiting than a simple 4-fold accumulator.

So if you want to learn how to profit on Racing Multiplier why not take their free trial below…

Click Here for the Racing Multiplier Free Trial