Football Winner Review

Football Winner is the latest tipster product from the popular AccaTipster creator Steve Hudson.

Steve had already wowed football fans with his razor sharp accumulator tips and was voted no1 football tipster of 2018 by website

Now he has a new product and turns his attention to win bets.

Steve argues that the most profitable market is 1X2 and so he focuses on home and away wins. He deliberately ignores the increasing array of new football betting markets available and has a healthy cyncism of bookmakers who push users into betting patterns that are perhaps more about entertainment than profits

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The service is incredibly easy to follow as its just a single email a week which gives the week’s bets all in one. This is perfect for those who don’t have a lot of time to follow a tipster which believe me when some are tipping 100 bets+ a month it can start to feel like a chore, particularly when they aren’t always winning.

Instead this is a concise and focuses service which makes steady profits and generally gives wins at around evens odds (2.0)

The focus is English leagues but other major European leagues are featured.

Bets are generally 5 points so expect to be placing around 30 points a week. Given the low odds a 200 point bank would seem perfect so around 2.5% a bet to allow for losing runs.

Losing runs do tend to be short and this service should suit the risk averse who aren’t interested in backing long priced outsiders and keeping the faith for weeks on end.

Whether the service can be as successful as the unrivalled remains to be seen but this is clearly an excellent addition from a reliable Football Tipster.

Its currently priced at £79 a year or £14.95 a month, but look out for promotions as they sometimes change their pricing structure.

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