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Tipster Review: Big Hands Racing

The UK Horse racing market is congested with tipster services offering high hopes for punters with invariably differing results.

Big Hands Racing are a new player on the tipster scene and their results thus far have set the world alight and that have recently joined up with Sports Betting Stars, adding more kudos to their brand in 2019. 

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Big Hands Racing Background:

Big Hands Racing is a relatively new horse racing tipster service having launched in September 2018 but such was their instant success that by February 2019 they became associated with the Sports Betting Stars group. They have hit the ground running in the UK horse racing market and have produced profits in every month in operation thus far.

With a relatively low risk, high reward strategy, the team of experts behind Big Hands Racing seem to have created an effective formula for their punters to follow.

Big Hands Racing offer three subscription plans, a monthly sign-up costs £19.99, £49.99 is the price for a quarter whilst a year costs £179.99.

Key Statistics:

As mentioned, Big Hands Racing have produced profitable months consistently thus far and their average monthly profit of £315 is testament to that.  

Big Hands Racing have been able to maintain an extremely strong return on investment ratio of 44% throughout their existence and considering the relatively high stakes of their average bet (17/2) this record is very impressive.

With a strike rate of 13.55%, Big Hands Racing are delivering results for their followers with impressive regularity and this will be something they will be looking to continue in their affiliation with the Sports Betting Stars group.


Finding reliable horse racing tipsters is not an easy task, particularly with the prices for the service continually on the rise. Big Hands Racing looks to have the ability to buck the trend somewhat by offering affordable sign up prices in addition to a stream of consistent results. Whether they can continue to deliver profitable months every month remains to be scene but Big Hands Racing are certainly a tipster to follow for those looking for solid results throughout the horse racing season. 

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