Tipster Review: Overpriced Horse Tips

Very rarely are bookmakers drastically wrong in their pre-match or race predictions as teams of sports strategists try to predict the outcome of a particular fixture to maximise the profits for the bookie.

Overpriced Horse Tips however are proficient and finding the niches in the market to maximise profits for punters and their expert picks have been winning big for 5 years.

Overpriced Horse Tips Background:

Having been one of the key players in the horse racing tipping scene for 5 years, Overpriced Horse Tips has a tried and tested formula trading off low risk betting with highly profitable potential rewards and this strategy has earnt them a reputation as one of the most prolific and profitable tipster services available.

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Key Statistics:

With an average profit of £110, the Overpriced Horse Tips can sometimes look a little less profitable than some of its rivals the fact they’re operating on a low risk, high reward formula is often forgotten meaning punters can afford to place more bets with their strategy.

Overpriced Horse Tips are currently operating at a 26% Return on Investment, with an average tipping price of around 7/1 meaning punters are regularly seeing significant profitable returns on their stake.

The win rate of 12.19% must also be considered within the permeations of which bets the Overpriced Horse Tipster bets on as attempting to pick winners with long odds is obviously a more difficult task than those with shorter odds.

Having been on the scene for 5 years, the Overpriced Horse Tipster is one of the most established tipsters out there and with hefty winnings available – punters flock to pick up the tips. August 2018 yielded a £100 loss but off the back of a July that brought about +£430 on £10 stakes, the balance sheets for the Overpriced Horse Tipster are still in very rude health.


Consistently picking winners in any sport is no easy feat – particularly in the volatile and ever changing world of horse racing. Overpriced Horse Tips do a fine job at picking bets that minimise reward, maximise profit and with a haul of over 5 years of winning bets – they are one of the most reputable horse racing tipsters available.

Click here to Access Overpriced Horse Tips & Trial for just £1