Fantastic Eights Review

Fantastic 8s is an interesting horse racing tips service that’s concentrated on finding value bets. It uses various data to create a betting model that predicts winners with a good certainty and takes advantages when the odds are good enough. The system is not limited to low-priced horses only and you can often see crazy odds over 10.

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The Fantastic 8s service went live at the beginning of 2015 and is showing great results so far. The all-time profit so far is about 2,500 units which transforms in the astonishing £25,000 when betting with as little as £10 per unit and £250,000 if you place £100 per unit. That’s a pretty healthy profit for a year and a half!

Another good sign is that there are barely losing months and even when they do happen, the loss is insignificant. Only 3 of the 19 months registered a negative result and there are 3 more that are about break even. The other 13 were all winners, some of them with quite tasty profits as well. On top of that, the current trend shows that the last 6 months of Fantastic 8s were all with a positive outcome, so the system is still going strong.

If you look at the leaderboards, the service has been up there constantly. It is currently second for the 2016 overall profit and there’s barely a month when Fantastic 8s is not around the top of the table. There are no reasons to believe this will soon as this month is one of the best in 2016.

Subscription Fees

If you are quick enough and manage to get into the first 200 subscribers, the monthly price of the service is just £36. You can get a huge discount and sign up for a quarterly subscription that costs as little as £76.


If you consider the results of the Fantastic 8s service since its launch, it seems like a no-brainer. Furthermore, we are talking about 19 months, so the sample size is more than enough to show how good it is. If you are still not convinced, the price is as low as it gets for a winning tips system. In our opinion, it’s great value to join and start winning.

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