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QF Value Tips Tipster Review

Quentin Franks is a name synonymous with horse racing tipping in the UK and he has produced consistent results for his followers for many a year.

Whilst Quentin Franks Racing continues to be a reliable betting source for punters, the expense associated with following the service is a deterrent for some bettors.

That’s where QF Value Tips was launched to bridge the gap between punters who are looking to win but can’t afford to pay the big bucks Quentin Franks Racing requires.

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QF Value Tips Background:

QF Value Tips have been in operation since February 2016 and are also part of the Betting Gods umbrella group. They target the less serious horse racing fan that isn’t playing with astronomical sums of money and has a far more casual operation. Much like their older brother, QF Value Tips have been an instant success and continue to gain notoriety. 

Daily tips arrive between 5pm and 6pm each day and often target the evening races in the calendar, for those punters who find themselves with time on their hands.

The QF Value Tips operation is far more affordable than Quentin Franks Racingwhich allows punters to choose the best option for them. QF Value Tips have 2 sign up options: monthly £19 and a yearly subscription which costs £179.

Key Statistics:

Much like their ‘older sibling’, QF Value Tips possess strong stats with an average monthly profit of £102.47 – an impressive statistic considering how cheap the subscription is.

QF Value Tips are operating with a Return on Investment of 18.43% currently, testament to their tipping knowledge and at just 3% lower than Quentin Franks Racing punters know that they can pick the best choice for them without losing any money.

Similarly, QF Value Tips have a very solid strike rate of 24.73%, a fantastic ratio of winning bets, regardless of bank balance.


The thinking behind QF Value Tips has proved to be inspired as they enter their 4th year in operation. Being associated with Quentin Franks Racing gives the tipster real kudos and their affordable pricing strategy coupled with consistent results, make it a must follow for any casual tipster, regardless of initial bank balance. 

Click Here to Trial QF Value Tips for £1