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Recovery Racing is one of the top services on the reputable Betfan network.

Keith Hoodless runs the service and has been betting on the horses for over 25 years.

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Keith is a straight down the line tipster, he is a punter himself so you get an honest service from a man
who seriously loves horse racing.

Since April 2017 Keith has clocked up a mighty 1772.84 points profit (at the time of this review). That is an incredible £17,284 at £10 a point, which is ridiculously good.

The ROI is 39% which is way more than the 15% I would consider the mark of a excellent tipster.

So how the hell does he do it??

I delved into a month of results to see what Keith is betting on and found a mixture of singles bets and doubles bets with a range of odds from around EVENS to 37/1!

The high ROI appears to be achieved through the Doubles as with the value multiple you can get some major wins. For example 1 double on On The Go Again and Shrewd Approach netted an impressive 203.50 points profit from just a 5 point stake. That’s around a 40/1 shot winning!

While this is the only winning double of October to date (apart from an e/w double returning) it goes to show you don’t need to hit many big accas to clear a profit.

Keith also backs singles so their is safety in his strategy, you get regular winners and aren’t just sitting around waiting for the accas to come in.

For the year to date Recovery Racing is sitting 3rd over all tipsters on betfan for horse racing which is well deserved for this excellent new service.

For this service you can pay monthly or for 3 months you get 1 month free when you take the quarterly option so go for this as you’ll save money and in my opinion its safer to trial a tipster for 3 months at lower stakes than for 1 month at higher just in case they have an off month.

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