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Tipster Warehouse Review

The majority of tipster services on the market specialise in one sporting field and their team of experts provide insightful betting tips – finding the nuances that allow punters to win big.

The Tipster Warehouse has collated all of this information and managed to collaborate tipsters from a variety of sporting backgrounds and disciplines into one all-inclusive tipster website.

This is one of the first attempts with betting tipsters to work across sports and with experts haring their knowledge but so far the Tipster Warehouse have produced enviable results and look to have a strong platform to build from. 

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Tipster Warehouse Background:

As mentioned, the Tipster Warehouse is a relatively new player on the betting tipster scene and is a collaboration of 6 established tipping companies. The 6 tipsters are:

  • Golf Profits
  • BE Tips
  • The USA Tipster
  • BK Footy Tips
  • MS Greyhounds
  • Quentin Franks Express

All of the above tipsters are reputable in their own right but by pouring their knowledge and resources into the Tipster Warehouse, as a collection they certainly have more kudos.

A sign up to the Tipster Warehouse ‘unlocks’ tips from all 6 of the tipping providers: a monthly signup costs £9 whilst the price for an annual subscription is £79 – which are very competitive rates in the current market.

Key Statistics:

The Tipster Warehouse offers tips from a variety of sports, meaning results tend to fluctuate depending on which sports are in season but with an impressive monthly of £298.08 they have produced consistent profits so far. 

With an average return on investment ratio of 12.5% across all of their 6 tipsters, the Tipster Warehouse consistently picks winners for their followers. 


The Tipster Warehouse have become a pioneer in the hectic tipster market by forging a conglomerate of 6 services but in doing so could have paved the way for future betting tipsters. With experts in horse and greyhound racing, American sport, football and golf on their roster, they have plenty of bases covered when it comes to providing insightful and reliable tips. Their affordable pricing structure too makes the Tipster Warehouse a must subscribe for all levels of punter. 

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