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Being successful at Football Betting is all about having the right resources. The internet is stuffed to the brim of information on Football. Football is a huge sport and Football Betting is more popular than ever.

The problem is, how do you know who to trust? What resources are really going to help and which are simply after your money.

To help you out I’ve listed a few of my favourite resources that can be found online for free and how these can help you profit.

I know a lot of people use and I do myself for certain things, but my favourite odds site is Unlike oddschecker this site is less commercial, the banner ads are less intrusive and the website is far easier to navigate to check the odds. Plus they list more bookies. This site is essential in finding the best odds for your bets.

This is our own free preview and tips site. We do also have some premium tips sites such as this one, but if you are after some free tips on the major European leagues this site is great. Access Here

I prefer this scores sites to others, there is an app site for phone users as well. They have results and they have live table updates.

I like Ladbrokes a lot. In particular they have good live commentary of the game for in-play betting fans as well as decent stats and form which is free of ads. Get a Ladbrokes Account here

Although navigation wise I think the site could be improved, this site has a wealth of information for stats fans. This site is great for formulating tips as it gives you so much information. You wanna know how many shots hit the woodwork in the last PSG match? You can find it here!

Its good to keep up with the latest bonuses to get the best deals from your bookie. This site does a good job of listing all the reputable free bets. Also if you look at the blog you’ll find many promotions you probably didn’t even know existed. Check it out:

Microsoft Excel

If you’re crunching numbers you need a decent spreadsheet program. Free tools are ok, but nothing really beats Microsoft excel. Its good to keep a record of your bets so you spot trends and improve your profitability and stop placing bets that are losing you money.

Percentage Table

I like to think of odds in terms of percentages. I think this is an easier way to understand if a bet is good value or not. I’ve written an article on this here: Finding Value in Football Tips

Ok that’s all from me. I hope you find some of these websites useful and they help you with your football betting success!

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