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Two Percent Club Tipster Review

With a modus operandi of allowing followers to beat the bookie and receive expert tips, the Two Percent Club are looking to help punters that are looking to build big winnings through online horse racing betting. Led by expert punter Tony, the Two Percent Club target Win Only bets to […]

Triple Filtered Tips Review

The process of which a tipster arrives at their chosen betting option often is a bit of a mystery for punters and Triple Filtered Tips have taken a step to get rid of the intrigue surrounding horse racing tipsters.  Triple Filtered Tips provide informed tips from within the inner sanctum […]

Wight Racing Service

Placing trust in reliable horse racing tipsters can be a difficult and unreliable practice for even the most seasoned punter. However, the Wight Racing Service is on hand to provide informed tips from within the inner sanctum of the UK racing scene. They have had long term success within the […]

Choice Tips Review

The UK horse racing market is saturated with tipsters, all of which have their own back story and believe they have their own unique levels of in depth knowledge. James Calvert, the man behind Choice Tips has been offering horse racing insight for 45 years and Choice Tips is his […]

SPT Racing Tipster Review

All levels of punter in the UK are currently inundated with horse racing betting tipsters – with varying degrees of reliability and success across the board. Following the wrong tipster can be more detrimental than backing horses from personal knowledge and only the very best tipsters are proving to be […]

Value Wins Tipster Review

The UK Horse racing market is congested with tipster services offering high hopes for punters with invariably differing results. Picking horses successfully has long been a bugbear of many tipsters but Value Wins look to have found a niche in the market, giving punters the chance to combine consistent winners […]

6 Point Plan Service Review

The majority of tipster services on the market deliver one or two tips to their followers per day, often backing favourites in at least one of the tips which sees strike rate ratios rise. The 6 Point Plan Service however have developed an innovative approach where they give their customers […]

Tipster Warehouse Review

The majority of tipster services on the market specialise in one sporting field and their team of experts provide insightful betting tips – finding the nuances that allow punters to win big. The Tipster Warehouse has collated all of this information and managed to collaborate tipsters from a variety of […]

Football Betting Expert Review

Football betting is one of the most popular markets across the world with punters often having a vested interest in each match being played. Football Betting Expert is a relatively new tipster on the market that looks to assist the bettor with an array of betting techniques and tips that […]

Bob Marley Bets – Tipster Review

New tipsters are emerging within the UK betting market on a daily basis and the popularity of this phenomenon has arguably diluted the quality of tipsters available to the regular punter. One tipster that has so far bucked this trend is Bob Marley Bets who has hit the ground running […]

Tipster Review: Top NHL Betting Tips

Betting on the NHL can provide punters with many winning opportunities and markets that many other sports don’t provide. Whilst the positives for Ice-Hockey punting are obvious for all to see, the amount of betting markets can provide a potential minefield for punters without the specialist NHL knowledge. Top NHL […]

QF Value Tips Tipster Review

Quentin Franks is a name synonymous with horse racing tipping in the UK and he has produced consistent results for his followers for many a year. Whilst Quentin Franks Racing continues to be a reliable betting source for punters, the expense associated with following the service is a deterrent for […]

High Five Tipster Review

Self-made betting tipsters are becoming very trendy in this day and age with social media offering a platform for punters to market and promote their tips to the world. High Five are one of the latest in a long line of tipsters to emerge on the market and they have […]

Tipster Review: Big Hands Racing

The UK Horse racing market is congested with tipster services offering high hopes for punters with invariably differing results. Big Hands Racing are a new player on the tipster scene and their results thus far have set the world alight and that have recently joined up with Sports Betting Stars, […]

Winner 15 Tipster Review

Predicting the outcome of any Lucky 15 bet can be a hugely profitable business, regardless of which sporting activity is being bet upon. Horse racing provides the largest market for Lucky 15 betting with punters able to bet on races, all day, every day and Winner 15 are one of […]