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Top Rated Runners Review

With top rated runners Mike focuses on horses of value. The first thing I notice about this service is that it has a great ROI at 35% but not only that a great strike rate at 30%.

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ROI is obviously important as we need to get a return, but strike rate is an often overlooked factor that is important for your day to day cashflow and sanity!

Let me put it this way, even if your end profit was the same would you rather place 10 bets and only 1 win, or place 10 bets and 3 win?

Personally I like to win, so I would prefer a high strike rate, even sometimes at the expense of a few percentage points of ROI as with some longshot tipsters they are simply riding their

Find a successful tipster with both a good ROI and Strike Rate and you are on to a winner!

The tips contain a good range of odds which is encouraging you might have a bet around evens or you might have one at 20/1.

This is a good sign as I’m also puzzled at tipsters who ignore bets because of the odds. if the bet is good value, whatever the odds it should be backed.

Sometimes tipsters have a particular skill at a certain type of bet, but with Mike he seems to be a good all rounder. The title “Top Rated Runners” would
imply Mike is using his own ratings system.

Generally this is a great way to extract value as once you have a systematic way to assess a horses potential you give each horse a ratings, convert to odds,
compare these with the bookies, if your odds are better and it ticks enough boxes you back! Simple (yeh, right..)

With average odds of 9/2 the tips will give you a few decent priced winners.

As with many tipsters this is a evening before service so please get your odds on early to get a good price.

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Click here to Trial Top Rated Runners for £1


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