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Champion Bets Review

Champion Bets is a premium tipster service which focuses on the Asian Handicap Market and promises as much as £3867.50 profit a month.

I know and trust the owner Steve Hudson and helped him set up his platform to offer his Asian Handicap tips to the public.

Steve is a great tipster and has impressive knowledge of the asian handicap market as well as football betting in general. This market is often avoided by punters as they can find it
too difficult to grasp, and simply prefer other more straight foward types of bet.

However, the bookies do offer good margins on AH so it often pays to have at least a few AH bets on the go.

If you want to learn about Asian Handicap, just about the best guide you will find is below…

Asian Handicap Guide

The best way in my opinion to get an idea of a service is to give it a trial. Steve thankfully offers a 7 day free trial. With no credit card or payment necessary.

You can get your trial below…

Click Here for a Free Trial of Champion Bets

I’ve looked at the results offered on the website and they are all positive. Although as football odds are low, you will need to be betting stakes of at least £50 a game to make a decent profit.

There is also a money back guarantee which is handy if you find its not the service for you.

I think an annual payment of £67 is excellent value and is far cheaper than most tipster services. That works out as £5.58 a month which is nothing for the value you get each month.

I have a minor criticism which I will email Steve about. I think the service exploits the minus side of AH bets well. That is giving the favourite team a deficit of goals to increase the odds and get a greater return from the typical amount you get backing the favourite to win. However I think the service might improve if it expanded to backing the underdog more with plus goals bets. Steve does do this occassionally, but perhaps he has found it less profitable.

Anyway all in all this is well worth a look, it won’t break the bank and it may open up a new way of football betting for you.

To trial Champion Bets please visit the site below…

Click Here for a Free Trial of Champion Bets



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